I am a reporter at Politico New York, where I cover New York City and state politics. I co-author the New York Playbook, a daily morning newsletter with all the latest in New York political news.

Read my work for the New York World,  Wall Street Journal, the New York Post, Vice Magazine, Gotham Gazette and City and State.

Before I came to New York, I wrote about local government for the Island Packet, on Hilton Head Island, in South Carolina.

I was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee.


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  1. Hi Laura, I read your piece about being a reporter with a Batman connection and I liked it. I want you to do us both a favor. I want to introduce you to my friend and customer Mr. Marty Steadman. He’s a former investigative journalist ( and famous for it too ). He became Cuomo Sr’s press secretary and works for Cuomo jr too. He was even George Steinbrenner’s press secretary. Marty forgot more about NY government and journalism than most will ever know and he is literally the nicest guy in the world. He’s old, shaky and I’d like you to take a look inside,,,,there’s so much to learn and it could be very beneficial for you. I wonder how much time he has left. He knows who to talk to. It would be an honor for me if you talk to him. Thanks. I’m Matt Rose at beesh51@yahoo.com

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