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July 19, 2018: “New York State Investigating the Trump Foundation”


Radio Appearances:

— WNYC’s Brian Lehrer Show:

— Cuomo vs. Charter-Spectrum and Cuomo vs. NRA— August 9, 2018:Laura Nahmias, reporter for POLITICO New York and Dan Clark, Albany reporter for the New York Law Journal, talk about the political and financial implications of the NRA’s lawsuit against New York State over the state’s law banning”Carry Guard” insurance, which covers liability for shooting instructors and concealed-carry permit holders; and Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s push to ban the Charter-Spectrum cable and internet network from the state.” Listen here. 

— Deadline Season Approacheth — June 11, 2018: Laura Nahmias, POLITICO New York City Hall reporter, talks about the upcoming NYC budget deadline, then New York Daily News Albany bureau chief Ken Lovett discusses about the looming NYS legislative session deadline, and Ryan Hutchins, POLITICO’s New Jersey bureau chief, reviews the New Jersey budget negotiations.” Listen here. 

— “A Tale of Two Mistrials”— November 17, 2017: “Politico New Jersey reporter Matt Friedman reports on the mistrial declared in the corruption case of New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez, and explains what may come next for the senator. Then, Politico New York reporter Laura Nahmias discusses the corruption trial of Norman Seabrook, which also ended in a mistrial yesterday.” Listen here. 

— Breaking Down the Primaries — September 13, 2017:Laura Nahmias, reports on City Hall for POLITICO New YorkJarrett Murphy, executive editor and publisher of City Limits, and Brigid Bergin, City Hall and politics reporter at WNYC, discuss the shoo-ins and surprises in Tuesday’s primary election results. Turn out on the whole wasn’t great at 14%, but better than some years prior, explains Nahmias.” Listen here. 

— “Highlights from the Democratic Mayoral Primary Debate”— August 24, 2017:Errol Louis, political anchor and host of Inside City Hall at NY1 News and director of urban reporting at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, and Laura Nahmias, who reports on City Hall and Mayor Bill de Blasio for POLITICO New York, recap the first Democratic mayoral primary debate between incumbent Mayor de Blasio and Sal Albanese.” Listen here. 

— “The Rent Freeze is Over”— June 28, 2017: “Affordable housing is a very real issue that affects all New Yorkers. And now that the rent freeze is over, rents are going to increase: 1.25% increase for 1-year leases and 2% increases for 2-year leases. So the endless quest for affordable housing goes on. Laura Nahmiasreporter on City Hall for POLITICO New York, talks about the recent rent guidelines vote and the new proposal to extend housing assistance. She explains, that there’s only about 850,000 rent stabilized units in New York City and that’s just a small piece of the pie. But there’s a new proposal, “Living in Communities” (LINC) that is intended to make the city’s rent subsidy programs more effective.” Listen here. 

— “The Campaign Finance Laws That Sparked the de Blasio Probe”—April 25, 2016: “Mayor de Blasio is under investigation for his fundraising apparatus. Is this unsavory politics as usual or is it illegal, unsavory politics as usual? Laura Nahmias, who reports on City Hall for POLITICO, discusses the state laws that have brought into question donations solicited by Mayor Bill de Blasio’s campaign apparatus, which is under investigation by state and federal authorities.” Listen here. 

— Analyzing Cuomo’s State of the State Address — January 14, 2016:   Listen here.  

— The Battle over Homelessness— January 4, 2016:Laura Nahmiaswho reports on City Hall for POLITICO New York, talks about the executive order Governor Cuomo issued this weekend requiring the homeless to be placed in shelters when the temperatures go below freezing. Nahmias says the executive order is raising eyebrows at City Hall because, well, the city is already doing all of the things that Cuomo has mandated. Mayor de Blasio said earlier today that nothing will change; the city will continue to have extended hours so people don’t have to leave during the day, and the city’s homeless outreach providers will continue to bring people to shelters and mental health facilities.” Listen here. 

— “Who Should Fund Homeless Services In NYC?” — December 2, 2015:Laura Nahmias, who reports on City Hall for POLITICO New York, looks at the conflict between the mayor and the governor over funding for the city’s homeless. Nahmias explains how, in the past, the state and the city used to share costs for homeless services; but lately, Mayor de Blasio and Governor Cuomo have been trading barbs over who should be responsible for footing the bill for ongoing services. Cuomo is expected to weigh in on the funding issue during his State of the State address next month.” Listen here. 

— Deal-Making —June 24, 2015: “Mayor de Blasio plans to add 1,300 more cops to the streets, while at the same time limiting overtime pay for current officers, in a surprising reversal of his previous position. Michael Grynbaum, the City Hall bureau chief for The New York Times and Richard Aborn, president of the Citizens Crime Commission and former assistant DA, discuss the city’s budget deal, including the plan to add more cops. Plus, we’ll take calls from officers on how this will affect them. And Capital New York’s Laura Nahmias will report on the legislative deals in Albany. ” Listen here. 

— Inside the meltdown of a blue chip NYC nonprofit — March 16, 2015: ” Federation and Employment Guidance Services shocked New York’s nonprofit world last month when it announced its plans to shut down due to a $20 million revenue shortfall. FEGS was one of New York’s oldest and largest social services organizations. More than 130,000 city residents used one of the organizations 200 programs, which included everything from providing affordable housing for the disabled to administering welfare-to-work programs. But after years of mounting debt and questionable financial decisions, the $250 million organization said they are closing down. Yet an investigation by Capital New York showed that despite years of questionable tax returns and financial disclosure forms, the city and state continued to loan the organization money. “A lot of people told us that [the city and the state] definitely should have been asking more questions about the unusual financial statements that were being offered up by [FEGS] that didn’t follow accounting practices that a lot of nonprofits said were standard practice,” Capital New York reporter Laura Nahmias told WNYC’s Richard Hake. “That should have been a red flag to people who were approving grants and continually awarding contracts.” Listen here. 

— “What Next for the State Senate?” — November 7, 2014: “New York State Governo Andrew Cuomo has said that Republicans won big in the State Senate elections because voters were reacting to the big trend towards the GOP in national politics. Progressives in the state say he didn’t do enough to support Democrats in the lead up to the race. Laura Nahmiaswho reports on politics for Capital’s Albany bureau, previews the new political landscape in the state senate and what it will mean for policy.” Listen here. 

— Rangel vs. Espaillat — June 9, 2014:Laura Nahmiaspolitical reporter for Capital New York, talks about the first televised debate in the Charles Rangel – Adriano Espaillat race in the 13th Congressional primary, which centered on an argument about race and ethnic identity.” Listen here. 

— “Cuomo’s Sandy Charity Benefits Private Equity Investors”— December 13, 2013: “While Sandy victims in New York wait anxiously for government assistance to rebuild their homes, a charity organized by Gov. Andrew Cuomo in the wake of the storm to aid homeowners has steered millions of dollars to two troubled state-sponsored housing developments in Brooklyn.” Listen here. 

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