Wayne Barrett is off the Cuomo Beat (For Now)

Andrew Cuomo hired Wayne Barrett’s wife Fran into his administration. What does the famous muckraker have to say about it?

Member Items to Blame for $20 Million Federal Grant Foul-Up

How one sentence in the Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s budget almost cost the state $20 million.

Pork Resurrection

Cuomo said he would end pork barrel spending. So why is the state still paying out the pork?

An Unusual Living Arrangement for a Democratic Power Broker

Parkside Group Leader Evan Stavisky lives in two places at once.


For Nan Hayworth, another campaign manager with a history of women problems

Republican Rep. Nan Hayworth’s first campaign manager resigned after suggesting throwing acid at female Democratic lawmakers, but her second campaign manager has his own history of trouble with women.

Rangel Returns: Spirit Willing, Flesh Weak

Democratic Rep. Charles Rangel makes his public debut after a long illness, in advance of last summer’s primary battle against State Sen. Adriano Espaillat.

No Mega Millions, But Funds Unclaimed for New York Politicians

The State Comptroller’s Office keeps a database of money New Yorkers haven’t claimed, from refunds and rebates to overpaid taxes. Some very famous politicians have checks to claim.

The Island Packet

Treasure Hunting on Hilton Head? Town Says Leave Relics Alone

The 19th Century’s Largest Sporting Event: A Civil War Baseball Game

Who Owns the Air? 


How Much Can $1.25 Change Someone’s Life? 

New York’s state legislature does battle over an increase in the minimum wage. How much of a difference can five more quarters an hour make in someone’s life?

It’s Not the Money, It’s the Principle

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s second year in office is about cementing his authority. Will anyone fight back?

The End of the Rainbow

Gay rights groups have never been a monolith. Now that gay marriage is legal in New York, is the fracture permanent?

There Oughta be a Law

A fight over new district lines determines who holds power in New York’s legislature for the next decade. So why is the line-drawing still such a corrupt process?

The Education of Cyrus Vance, Jr. 

The Manhattan District Attorney on his next moves after the bruising Dominique Strauss-Khan case.

Balancing Act

New York’s Inspector General Ellen Biben lands in an office where her integrity depends on her ability to show independence from Andrew Cuomo.


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